Dorothy Day是一位作家和编辑,创立了天主教工作者,这是一份便报,在大萧条时期成为穷人的代言人。作为一项运动的推动力,Day坚定不移地倡导慈善与和平主义,这使她有时引起争议。然而,她在最贫穷的穷人中间的工作也使她成为一个深刻的精神人士,他积极地致力于解决社会问题。当教皇弗朗西斯在2015年9月向美国国会发表讲话时,他将他的大部分演讲集中在他发现特别鼓舞人心的四位美国人身上:亚伯拉罕林肯,马丁路德金,多萝西日和托马斯默顿。毫无疑问,数百万观看教皇在电视上的讲话,对这一天的名字并不熟悉。但他对她的热情赞扬表明,她的生活与天主教工人运动的影响力与教皇自己对社会正义的看法有多大关系。在她的一生中,Day似乎与美国的主流天主教徒不协调。她在有组织的天主教的边缘经营,从未寻求任何项目的许可或官方认可。在信仰方面来得很晚,在20世纪20年代成为一个成年人的天主教徒。在她转变的时候,她是一位未婚母亲,过去很复杂,其中包括格林威治村的波希米亚作家生活,不愉快的爱情以及堕胎使她情绪受到严重破坏。在上世纪90年代,开始将多萝西日作为天主教会的圣人封为圣徒。 Day的家人已经说她会嘲笑被宣布为圣徒的想法。但有一天,她似乎有可能成为天主教会的官方认可的圣徒


Dorothy Day was a writer and editor who founded the Catholic Worker, a penny newspaper that grew into a voice for the poor during the Great Depression. As the driving force in what became a movement, Day’s unwavering advocacy for charity and pacifism made her controversial at times. Yet her work among the poorest of the poor also made her an admired example of a deeply spiritual person actively engaged in addressing society’s problems. When Pope Francis addressed the U.S. Congress in September 2015, he focused much of his speech on four Americans he found particularly inspiring: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton. Day’s name was no doubt unfamiliar to millions watching the Pope’s speech on television. But his effusive praise of her indicated how influential her life’s work with the Catholic Worker Movement was to the Pope’s own thoughts about social justice. During her lifetime, Day could seem out of step with mainstream Catholics in America. She operated at the fringe of organized Catholicism, never seeking permission or official endorsement for any of her projects. And Day came late to the faith, converting to Catholicism as an adult in the 1920s. At the time of her conversion, she was an unmarried mother with a complicated past that included life as a bohemian writer in Greenwich Village, unhappy love affairs, and an abortion that had rendered her emotionally devastated. A movement to have Dorothy Day canonized as a saint in the Catholic Church began in the 1990s. Day’s own family members have said she would have scoffed at the idea of being declared a saint. Yet it seems likely that she will one day be an officially recognized saint of the Catholic Church.

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