ICT和社交媒体对政治表达,行动主义和竞选活动的影响。 例如,一些社会学家对更改一个人的Facebook个人资料图片以反映声援一个原因感到好奇,而另一些人则对在线行动可能如何影响和/或离线解决问题感到好奇。 信息通信技术和网络在建立团体联系和社区的过程中的作用和影响,尤其是在边缘化群体(如LGBT个人,种族少数群体)以及极端主义团体(如反vaxxers和仇恨团体)之间。 自从互联网社会学问世以来,数字鸿沟一直是社会学家关注的领域。 从历史上讲,这是指财富经纪人访问ICT的方式以及与之相连的所有网络资源。 这个问题在今天仍然很重要,但是其他类型的分歧已经出现,例如种族如何影响美国社交媒体的使用。


The impact of ICT and social media on political expression, activism and campaigning. For example, some sociologists are curious about changing one’s Facebook profile picture to reflect one reason for solidarity, while others are curious about how online actions may affect and/or resolve problems offline. The role and impact of ICTs and networks in building community connections and communities, especially among marginalized groups (such as LGBT individuals, ethnic minorities) and extremist groups (such as anti-vaxxers and hate groups). Since the advent of Internet sociology, the digital divide has been an area of concern for sociologists. Historically, this refers to the way wealth brokers access ICTs and all the network resources connected to them. This issue is still important today, but other types of disagreements have emerged, such as how race affects the use of American social media.y9�6p

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